Order of Saint George Silver w/Certificate

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In 1986, the Cavalry & Armor Association with the Chief of Armor’s support, introduced the Order of Saint George Awards Program, The leadership’s intent was to recognize those outstanding troopers honorably retiring from active duty and the national guard after devoting a great portion of their life to Armor and Cavalry and/or for those permanently leaving the branch.  The U.S Cavalry and Armor Association will not approve nominations unless the nominee meets the criterion for the Bronze Medallion and Silver Medallion.  If the nominee is retiring or leaving Armor Branch permanently, they must have an approved retirement date or possess valid orders transferring them from Armor branch. The Silver Medallion measures 21/2" X 3/16" with a red and white neck ribbon and includes a certificate which measures 11 1/4'W X 14.00"L. 

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